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Violet’s Birthday

Our baby girl turned 6 years old on Friday.  While she was riding her new bike outside today, she said, “I love to laugh and smile.” And she does.  She loves being tickled! It’s basically the only game she wants to play with mommy or daddy. Some kind of running around and when she gets caught she needs to be tickled.  She loves telling her sister what to do and doesn’t like it when her sister doesn’t listen. She is a very take-charge kind of girl. Violet does love her siblings and really does help me out when I need an extra hand. I love that she asks questions, about everything.  She has been enjoying homeschooling, most days. She really loves knowing she is beginning to read, but doesn’t exactly enjoy the process. Violet loves dressing up and doing lots of girly things, like painting her nails or wanting to put on mommy’s makeup. She has grown a lot this year and we just love her to pieces.

IMG_0002She was very happy with Anna and Elsa on her cake!



IMG_0010Playing Pin the Nose on Olaf


Create a Snowman with Toilet Paper game




They did a great job!







Violet has taken to drawing on her chalkboard a lot recently. It’s been great for practicing her letters and numbers and for drawing family members. I added the names, so you wouldn’t be confused who is who.

She told me Grandpa is the one with no hair, but I’m not sure why Grandma doesn’t have any hair either.


Happy sisters, for the moment…


The other day, Violet picked out a really cute outfit so I thought I would get a few pictures of her.

Sometimes she complies without an attitude.

This was not that day.

The first picture you can see for yourself.


But it wasn’t so bad that a few jellybeans couldn’t fix.





This is Olga, Micah’s new Russian teacher.  She is really nice and friendly, and usually after a lesson with Micah she loves drawing pictures for the girls. Here she is drawing the rabbit for Violet.  We are very thankful that she is able to come and help us continue learning while we are here in Moscow.

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