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Has it really been 8 months since I last posted?  Wow, I am very sorry.  This mom of 4 business is keeping me pretty busy and when I do get a minute of quiet, I don’t think about updating the blog.  Facebook has taken over.  It’s easy to add pictures.  But for all you non-Facebook-ers, I must tell you… just get it already! Haha, just kidding. Maybe.

Micah led a team of young people overseas for a month this summer.  They were able to see how our workers there function and get an idea of what life is like in another country. We of course missed him very much when he was gone. But I was able to have some family members come at different times and definitely helped.


We are now getting back into the school routine.  Violet is in 2nd grade and Keira just started pre-k.  And they are really enjoying it so far.  We are so blessed and thankful for the school they attend.


With the girls at school, I get to spend more time with my little boy.  Keith has really been talking a lot lately.  He loves playing with his trucks and doing what daddy does.


Our little Leah just turned one year old about a week ago now.  Looking back at her first year, this time has just flown by. I think I say that with every kid. But it’s so stinkin’ true. This little girl is quite the monkey.  She is not walking yet, but she likes to stand on everything!


This girl is always on the move! She really keeps me on my toes.


Right now she has 6 teeth, and does a pretty good job eating whatever is put in front of her.  She loves her siblings and they do a great job playing with her.  Violet is a great little helper and I’m looking forward to when she can start babysitting!


She is such an easy, happy baby. We are so blessed!


Time for some birthday cake!


Happy birthday Leah!


Little Leah and a song


Our baby girl is four months old! After we returned from Pennsylvania during Christmas break, Leah decided it was time to roll over from her back to her tummy. She loves to use her strong little legs to stand up while someone is holding her. All our babies have been very happy, but Leah seems to be the happiest of them all! She smiles and giggles at her sisters and brother when they talk to her and say her name.  Leah is sleeping all night long from 8 pm to 8 am. She is even content to lay for a minute in the morning before I feed her while I make myself a cup of coffee.  She is drooling all the time and usually has a finger or two or three in her mouth. We couldn’t be happier to have this sweet bundle of joy in our lives.

IMG_0015 (2)

Here is a little video of her giggling at mommy before bedtime…

Also the girls sang with Micah at church…

We are blessed



Isn’t she just precious?


Those cute little hands.


And tiny little toes.


“Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, before you were born I set you apart;…”

Leah is one of the many blessings we are thankful for.

Violet’s Birthday

Our baby girl turned 6 years old on Friday.  While she was riding her new bike outside today, she said, “I love to laugh and smile.” And she does.  She loves being tickled! It’s basically the only game she wants to play with mommy or daddy. Some kind of running around and when she gets caught she needs to be tickled.  She loves telling her sister what to do and doesn’t like it when her sister doesn’t listen. She is a very take-charge kind of girl. Violet does love her siblings and really does help me out when I need an extra hand. I love that she asks questions, about everything.  She has been enjoying homeschooling, most days. She really loves knowing she is beginning to read, but doesn’t exactly enjoy the process. Violet loves dressing up and doing lots of girly things, like painting her nails or wanting to put on mommy’s makeup. She has grown a lot this year and we just love her to pieces.

IMG_0002She was very happy with Anna and Elsa on her cake!



IMG_0010Playing Pin the Nose on Olaf


Create a Snowman with Toilet Paper game




They did a great job!






Christmas in Pennsylvania

It’s been so nice to be with family for Christmas and now soon for New Years.  The kids have loved spending time with their cousins. It is really interesting to see their personalities come out with so many kids around. Violet is quite the little miss bossy girl and Keira was just following the other three girls around, wanting to be included in everything! And well, Keith is just his normal active self.


Mom and Dad’s old farmhouse is definitely crowded with this many kids running around.


Grandma and Grandpa with their nine grandkids


Grammy and her grandkids

This time of the year it seems everyone catches a cold or flu or something.  Well, Keith started up with something over the weekend.  He was wheezing really bad and coughing.  And when he coughed the poor thing would cry and get all worked up and he really seemed to have a hard time to catch his breath. He was getting worse and not better, so my mom and I ended up taking him into the ER Monday night around 8 pm.  We had to wait about 3 hours to finally go back and see the doctor.  It was just a little busy there that night.  They ended up giving him breathing treatments 3 different times. They didn’t like the way his chest sounded so they also took some chest x-rays to make sure he didn’t have any kind of bacterial pneumonia. Thankfully, they didn’t find anything.  They said he had parainfluenza and rhinovirus with some croup as well.  They finally gave him a steroid shot in the leg to help loosen everything up and clear it out.  We went home around 2 am. Poor guy only had a little nap earlier in the waiting room, so he conked out right away on the drive home.

Thankfully today he already sounds better, not much wheezing at all.  Still some coughing and crying.  But I’m thankful we did go to make sure it wasn’t something more serious and he was able to get some kind of treatment that we couldn’t give him at home.  The nurses and doctors all did a great job! Thankful for the ER staff at Geisinger in Danville.

A way to help

Hi Friends,

As you’ve probably noticed over the years, we don’t often post about the ministry we are involved in. It’s mostly about our kids & life in Russia (now Florida). But, today we want to share with you about an important project that Micah has been working on.

One of the new ministry jobs Micah has is becoming familiar with all the business & community development projects that our workers are involved in in Asia. There is a great project going on now in North Asia with homeless, deaf street kids. The workers there are providing them with basic needs like food, clothing & education, as well as sharing the gospel and loving them like Christ would. Some great stuff is going on, but they are in desperate need of funds to keep it going. Micah has written a crowdfunding campaign through indiegogo. Go check it out and please donate if you are able!

Thanks for checking out our blog!


We have met some our neighbors who live near us and it’s been nice getting to know them.  They have been very helpful in telling us where we can find certain stores and talking about different things about the way of life here in Siberia.  We met when I took Keith to the doctor for his baby check-up at the nearby clinic.  They heard me and a friend speaking English and we found out that we lived in the same building.  After that we have gotten together a few times, speaking English and Russian. They want to learn more English and I want to learn more Russian.  







They loved Micah’s guitar playing and singing! We are looking forward to getting to know them better.


Our little pumpkins

We didn’t get to go to a pumpkin patch back in PA, so we went to one not too far away from Micah’s mom’s house.  It didn’t quite have the same feel here in California as it does back east.  It wasn’t nice and cool out, like it should be this time of year for this kind of thing, but more of a warm summer day.  We went to a place called Underwood Family Farms.  They had lots of cool stuff for the kids to do, pony rides, different animals, a play area, and there was a John Deere combine with an added slide down the back.  The girls had a fun time, but it was very hard to get good pictures of them.  They were being very difficult!

Not sure if there was excessive bbq-ing in the past or what

No smiles, it was very difficult to get them to even look up!

Knott’s Berry Farm

Last Saturday, we drove to Knott’s Berry Farm down in the LA area. It’s not exactly a farm, but an amusement park. They have a nice kiddie ride area, so Violet had lots of fun on all the rides. Micah and Caleb ventured off for some adult roller coaster fun too.  I even tried a few.  I was a little hesitant, because, well, I’m getting older and they make me sick.  How sad is that?  Violet is getting more brave though.  We took her on the log water ride with us, which she really liked and wanted to ride again.  My little girl is growing up.



Please be thinking of us, especially the girls this week.  Keira is pretty sick right now.  When family was up last weekend, they were sick and passed it on to the girls.  Keira started with a fever, that got a little better but then she got a cold and the fever came back this morning.  Violet has had a sore throat and runny nose and Micah and I have that as well now.

We were hoping to go visit family and friends this weekend, but that seems kind of up in the air right now.


We would really appreciate thoughts on your behalf.  

A couple things to think about…


We some big events/needs coming up in the next couple months and we would be humbled if you could keep them in your thoughts. 

1. Our 10 day trip to Siberia. We are leaving next week and would appreciate thoughts for travel, health and open minds as we will most likely be moving there permanently.

2. Micah’s speaking opportunity. This Sunday, thirty minutes, all in Russian.

3. Language checks in April

4. Extra funds to pay for plane tickets home, visas and taxes. 

5. A vehicle to use while in PA for six months.

Thank you dear friends & family! 

Freezing temperatures, Ear Infection and a visit from home

Hi Friends!

It’s been awhile since I (Micah) have posted anything, so I wanted to give you all an update. 

First of all, we had our coldest day this winter! It got down to around -18 degrees fahrenheit! My face froze as soon as I walked outside, but I couldn’t help but think that where we will be moving it is around -30! 

A lot of our people have been sick lately here in Moscow, including Violet and Keira. Over a week ago they both got bad colds, Violet had a fever for a couple days and unfortunately Keira got an ear infection. Violet has recovered, and Katrina has been giving Keira medication for her ears. Tomorrow, Katrina and Keira head to the doctor for a check-up, so we hope that Keira’s ear has cleared up!

About a week ago, we had the privilege of having a friend from PA visit us for dinner! He was here on some other business and took some extra time to come and see us.  We were really encouraged by his visit. 

Finally, most of our readers probably got our newsletter already but the big news is that we are finishing up the language program here in Moscow and coming home this summer! We will probably be home for about six months, so it will be good to see all of you and catch up before we move to Siberia. =)

Thanks for checking out our blog! Image







Please be thinking of the girls with us.  The beginning of the week they both caught some kind of cold and cough combo.  Last night was really bad with Violet awake every hour to two hours with lots of coughing and crying.  She had a slight fever yesterday and last night as well.  Thankfully Keira slept the whole night through, but she has a stuffy nose and horrible cough too.  

I know exactly how they feel and it makes me feel so bad for them.  I would rather me be sick again than the girls be feeling the way they are.  

Thanks for your thoughts!

Christmas and New Years Happenings

In the morning we celebrated Christmas as a family, read a great story, then we opened up a few presents. Violet had been waiting and waiting! We had been getting packages in the mail, and if there were things for Christmas we kept telling her that she needed to wait. She is doing very well learning patience.

In the evening were invited by our co-workers to join them for a roasted lamb dinner, and it was some of the best lamb we’ve ever had, it was awesome! Afterwards we sang some Christmas songs, even Violet sang. I’m so glad we have been singing them with her, she really enjoyed singing with everyone.

Gudrun preparing the feast

That's one nice looking leg!

Violet playing with their guinea pig

A pretty sunrise we got to enjoy the next morning before it hid behind the clouds for the rest of the day

On Tuesday, Micah’s mom arrived for a short visit to see the girls and enjoy some family time for Christmas. So we had another Christmas day on Thursday. Violet was so happy to see Grammy, and of course open more presents. 🙂

Tea time

Craft time

New trike from Grammy

On Friday, Micah took his mom to see inside the Kremlin, which she has missed the first time she was here. Inside the walls there are many cathedrals and palaces, you can read more about it here.

Saturday evening, we were invited to a New Years Eve dinner/party with Russian friends of ours and their family. This is a very good thing to be invited to, because New Years is the biggest holiday of the year. They usually celebrate by getting together with friends and family and eat lots of traditional Russian dishes. So around 9 pm we all bundled up and headed out in the cold for the party. We had a great time eating and practicing our Russian and at midnight the president gave his short speech on tv to give his wishes to everyone for the new year. Afterwards the clock tower rang 12 times followed by smooches of the couples who were there and then the fireworks began. And they continued on and off sporadically until after we got home around 4 am. BTW, Violet stayed up the whole time until we got into the car and then she was out! She was really good the whole time and they all enjoyed having her there too.

We also celebrated a birthday

We wish you all a happy and healthy new year!

Happy Birthday…

to Katrina’s Dad today!! We know you are probably working hard, like you do every day, but we hope you have a great day and we love you!

Me and Dad before Moscow

Saying goodbye…

In the last month Micah’s Grandmother Violet and Uncle Jim both passed away. This blog is dedicated to them.

Grandma Vi with our Violet and Grandpa Paul

Grandma Vi was born in Russia in 1925 and immigrated to the USA when she was just a young girl. She was big influence in Micah’s life in regards to Russia. She was a women dedicated to loving and serving others, and we are proud to name our daughter after her and carry on her legacy as we serve the Russian people.

Uncle Jim with Aunt Bonnie, Danielle and grandkids

Uncle Jim lived all of his life in Ohio and worked for Chrysler for about forty years. Uncle Jim was definitely in the top 5 nicest people in the world. I always loved being around him, he was always thinking about others, not himself. He was such a loving, caring person and I will always miss him.

To my Grandma Vi and Uncle Jim – We love you and look forward to seeing you again! You will always be in our thoughts and we will pass on your memory to our children.



Sorry we haven’t updated this week, we have all been sick in one form or the other. Katrina and I have both had colds and Violet had a fever for 2 days. Katrina didn’t go to class for 2 days this week, once to rest and once to take care of Violet.

I’m sure you have heard of the bombing at the airport, very sad. We live about 14 miles from the airport and we were nowhere near there.

Hopefully this weekend we will feel better and be able to blog about something a little more interesting!

Happy Birthday Rachel!

I would like to wish my sister, Rachel, a very happy birthday! We’re sad we aren’t there with you to celebrate, but we know that you will have a good birthday with friends and family in PA. Thanks for being a great sister and aunt! We love you!

Me, my mom, my sister

In danger of baldness!

Somedays I want to do this

Language hurts!

Last night I made a stupid grammar mistake that resulted in laughs. It was something simple that I knew wasn’t right but it just slipped out. Today we are tackling a new concept that is driving me batty as I try to do some homework.
Some days are good and some days I move closer to premature baldness. =(

Loose Pants!

Hi Everyone,

So Katrina & I have been losing weight because we walk everywhere and we don’t eat out anymore. That sets the background for this story:

The other night while I was standing in line for a van taxi, I got some coins out of my pocket to pay for the ride. After I had gotten the right change, I put the coins in what felt like the little coin pocket in my jeans but I actually put them inside my pants. They slid down my leg and landed in my shoe, so until I got to my destination I was walking around with coins in my shoe!

I came home that night and said to Katrina, “You know that your losing weight when you accidently put coins in your pants instead of in your pocket.” She thought it was very funny and insisted I blog about it.

Do you think it’s funny? Write us an email and let us know. =)


Hey friends!

Emily, one of our family members from California, is gearing up to go to college soon. With that in mind she and her parents have the daunting task of making future payments. We know how difficult it is to raise money, so we thought we could share with our readers her situation.

Emily loves to read and also write. So she wrote a short novel and would like to sell this novella in order to raise money for college. So she is looking for sponsors in order to help pay for her tuition.

Emily and her mom started a website, which if you are interested in helping her out, please click here.

Support Update

Hi Friends,

Now that we have been here in Moscow for four months, we have had some time to finalize our budget and work out our expenses for each month. When we left for Moscow back in May we were around 75% supported, currently we are at 76%. We know many of you have been thinking about this for us and we wanted to give you an update and let you know that we are still looking for partners to invest in this important task.

At this time, we are in need of about $500 more a month. It’s not a big amount and we know that He can provide it – 5 individuals at $100 a month or 10 at $50 a month.

Would you think about this for us? Being fully supported is just one important aspect of being able to do our job here.

We appreciate your thoughts on this, if you would like to be involved in helping us reach that $500 dollar goal, please email us at

Thanks for checking out our blog!

Old Cars

Hi Friends,

This week Andrei took me to a classic car museum here in Moscow. Here are some pictures!

Andrei's son Pasha found his favorite car. He was yelled at later though for getting in it!

This one was unique, Andrei said it was an invalid car. Ok?!

This one was my favorite.

They even had 1942 Harley!

This one's for you Willie, pretty sweet side car!