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Violet has taken to drawing on her chalkboard a lot recently. It’s been great for practicing her letters and numbersĀ and for drawing family members. I added the names, so you wouldn’t be confused who is who.

She told me Grandpa is the one with no hair, but I’m not sure why Grandma doesn’t have any hair either.


Happy sisters, for the moment…


The other day, Violet picked out a really cute outfit so I thought I would get a few pictures of her.

Sometimes she complies without an attitude.

This was not that day.

The first picture you can see for yourself.


But it wasn’t so bad that a few jellybeans couldn’t fix.



Matching outfits

We received matching outfits for the girls awhile ago from Grandpa Tom and Gramma Schelle, and the other day I had fun doing a little photo shoot with Violet and Keira in those outfits. I think its cute when little sisters dress the same, so I was happy when we got these in the mail! Well, I guess big sisters could dress the same too! What do you think, Rachel or Sheri, should we go get some matching outfits?