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Has it really been 8 months since I last posted?  Wow, I am very sorry.  This mom of 4 business is keeping me pretty busy and when I do get a minute of quiet, I don’t think about updating the blog.  Facebook has taken over.  It’s easy to add pictures.  But for all you non-Facebook-ers, I must tell you… just get it already! Haha, just kidding. Maybe.

Micah led a team of young people overseas for a month this summer.  They were able to see how our workers there function and get an idea of what life is like in another country. We of course missed him very much when he was gone. But I was able to have some family members come at different times and definitely helped.


We are now getting back into the school routine.  Violet is in 2nd grade and Keira just started pre-k.  And they are really enjoying it so far.  We are so blessed and thankful for the school they attend.


With the girls at school, I get to spend more time with my little boy.  Keith has really been talking a lot lately.  He loves playing with his trucks and doing what daddy does.


Our little Leah just turned one year old about a week ago now.  Looking back at her first year, this time has just flown by. I think I say that with every kid. But it’s so stinkin’ true. This little girl is quite the monkey.  She is not walking yet, but she likes to stand on everything!


This girl is always on the move! She really keeps me on my toes.


Right now she has 6 teeth, and does a pretty good job eating whatever is put in front of her.  She loves her siblings and they do a great job playing with her.  Violet is a great little helper and I’m looking forward to when she can start babysitting!


She is such an easy, happy baby. We are so blessed!


Time for some birthday cake!


Happy birthday Leah!


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