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About our happy little family

Welcome! We are Micah, Katrina, Violet, Keira and Keith. We are a pretty normal American family, except for the fact that we live in Russia! 

Micah likes everything music, including singing and playing the guitar and piano.

Katrina likes scrap booking and learning more about photography.  She also loves to cook and bake, especially new recipes.  If you would like to know what kind of food she cooks here in Russia, go to the Katrina’s Kitchen tab.

Violet likes singing like her Daddy.

Keira likes sucking her thumb.

Keith eats and sleeps all the time.

As a family we enjoy going out to the playground and going on little adventures.

Other than these things our life is all about learning Russian! Thanks for checking our our blog – we hope it is mildly interesting to you. =)

We also have a YouTube channel you can check out here.

If you would like to get in contact with us you can send an email to –