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Last night with Elisabeth

This past Tuesday was, our friend and co-worker, Elisabeth’s last day here in Moscow studying the language. On Wednesday she flew home to be with friends and family for a while, and she will definitely be missed while she is gone. She wanted to go to Red Square one last time, so a few of us girls went and got some pictures then we went on an excursion in search of a new Indian restaurant she had wanted to try. Here are some pictures from our cold and adventuresome night.

There are pretty Christmas trees up all over the city

These guys were quite amusing to watch while Elisabeth was getting some pictures with them.

Gum the mall - so pretty at night

Ice skating rink at Red Square during the winter

Kissing Red Square goodbye

At the restaurant with some awesome food and fun memories

* A thank you to my hubby for taking care of our girls so I could have a fun night.

The Renno’s are here!

Hi Friends!

For the next two weeks we have the priviledge of a visit from Katrina’s family; her parents, sister and one brother! Bill, Sharon, Rachel and Jason all arrived on Thursday. We are so happy and thankful that they have come to visit us. Yesterday was spent relaxing and letting them get adjusted to the time zone. Today we went to Red Square, saw St. Basil’s and went inside, the Kremlin, and we saw the changing of the guards which we have a video of on our youtube channel. Then we walked down to the Cathedral of Christ the Savior, went inside the church and as we were leaving they were ringing the bells up in the bell towers. It sounded really pretty! Afterwards, we ate at a Russian restaurant to let them get a taste of the food here.

It was a fun and tiring day, but we are so happy to have them here!

Violet walking with Grandma and Grandpa

In front of Christ the Savior Cathedral


This past Wednesday night, Micah’s mom got here safe and sound. Violet has really enjoyed having Grammy around to play with all the time. So far we have only been to Red Square and the Cathedral of Christ the Savior Church. But this time we went inside of St. Basil’s at Red Square, which was pretty interesting.

In front of St. Basil's


Looking up into one of the domes

Cathedral of Christ the Savior