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Recently with the girls…

late birthday presents = presents = happy girl

Keira likes her thumb a lot these days

My morning girls in their jammies

During our play date with Sophia and Marta:

Sophia during her ice skating lesson

Waiting and playing

One handed baby eating some сушки (kind of like a really hard cracker)

After her lesson, just hanging out in the lockers

Cute little Marta

Anya treated the girls to a yummy foamed milk drink which tasted like marshmallows!

Self portrait

One of Violet's pictures (with some editing)

Future figure skater?

Violet was excited and ready to go ice skating

But she started crying right away, I think the skates hurt her feet a little or she just didn't like how it felt

She did really good though for her first time, especially with Sophia's help


Much happier in the play area

Ski hill close to their building