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Health Update

Just wanted to let everyone know the girls are doing a lot better! Thank you so much for thinking of us. They are still coughing during the day and night, but they are slowly getting better. Keith has a little cold right now, and for that I’m thankful. I’m so glad he didn’t get a fever like the girls, and I pray he continues to get better as well.

When you are plagued by a cough, it doesn’t ever seem like it will release its grasp of you. There is nothing more frustrating than consistently being awoken by a nagging cough. I’m sure the girls would tell you this. Also, it’s just as frustrating to not be able to bring relief from a cough. Sipping water, a small taste of honey, Vicks on the bottom of the feet while sleeping, cough medicines just suppress it for a small, short while. It just needs to run its course.

In some good and not frustrating news Keith has turned 6 months (a week ago)! I plan to update you soon with pictures of the cutest little sixth month old.

Poor little ones


Laying on the couch with cool wet cloths to help bring down the fever

Sickness is making its way through our home right now. Micah caught it somewhere, and without fail we all have been getting our own versions of it. Micah and I only had a small short fever, plus other cold symptoms. The girls haven’t been so lucky. Keira’s turn was all day yesterday with a fever and Violet has had it today. Please be thinking of them and Keith that he doesn’t get it. He hasn’t had a fever yet, just some sneezing, coughing and he’s extra tired. It’s been taking it’s time with me, which makes it hard to care for the kids and keep up the apartment. I’m thankful that Micah is able to be home and help with the kids.


This little sleeping beauty asks for her daddy when she’s sick

At the beach

Last week, friends of ours, invited us to spend some time at the beach house, friends of theirs were letting them stay in for a week. So we went for about 3 days and had a blast! Besides Violet getting sick, she did have fun and it was a nice relaxing time for us all. We really enjoyed spending time with our friends, Dave and Katie and their kids, who are also home for a short time to visit friends and family.

Unfortunately, while we were there some sand found it’s way into our camera. Now it does not work. Very sad, but I was hoping to get a new camera while we were home. So the pictures might be a bit scarce for a while until we get something.

House on the beach = awesomeness!

A little Mexican place just down the road


Violet not feeling well

Me and Katie