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Health Update

Just wanted to let everyone know the girls are doing a lot better! Thank you so much for thinking of us. They are still coughing during the day and night, but they are slowly getting better. Keith has a little cold right now, and for that I’m thankful. I’m so glad he didn’t get a fever like the girls, and I pray he continues to get better as well.

When you are plagued by a cough, it doesn’t ever seem like it will release its grasp of you. There is nothing more frustrating than consistently being awoken by a nagging cough. I’m sure the girls would tell you this. Also, it’s just as frustrating to not be able to bring relief from a cough. Sipping water, a small taste of honey, Vicks on the bottom of the feet while sleeping, cough medicines just suppress it for a small, short while. It just needs to run its course.

In some good and not frustrating news Keith has turned 6 months (a week ago)! I plan to update you soon with pictures of the cutest little sixth month old.


Please be thinking of us, especially the girls this week.  Keira is pretty sick right now.  When family was up last weekend, they were sick and passed it on to the girls.  Keira started with a fever, that got a little better but then she got a cold and the fever came back this morning.  Violet has had a sore throat and runny nose and Micah and I have that as well now.

We were hoping to go visit family and friends this weekend, but that seems kind of up in the air right now.


We would really appreciate thoughts on your behalf.