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Moving around

This past week we had to say good bye to lots of our friends here in Moscow before our move out to Siberia.  We will miss all of our friends and we encouraged them all to come visit us.

Yesterday morning a “moving” truck came and took most of our belongings to be shipped out to Siberia.

IMG_0067 (2)

Spending time with friends and saying goodbyes before we leave




This morning we woke up bright and early at 5 am to head to the airport to catch a mid-morning flight.  Thanks to our friend Ruvim for driving us there, everything went really well (except for Keira getting car sick on the way to the airport).  But we made it there in time and the kids did well on the short 1.5 hour flight to Ukraine.

We will be in Kiev, Ukraine until we get our visas to be able to return into Russia.  We decided, instead of staying in a hotel that would cost a lot of money, to rent an apartment for a reasonable price.  We found a great place on that is right in the center of town. When we aren’t busy dealing with visa stuff, we plan on walking around and enjoying the city.

Here is our view from the balcony of the center of town


Stay tuned for updates and more pics of the city.

Fun times

This past weekend we had a visit from some friends who lived in Moscow while we did last year.  They were in England for some time while we were in the states and were heading to Saint Petersburg, but had some time to visit with us.  It was so good to see them!  They also have a new little boy who was born about a month before Keith.


On Friday, they came over to our place and it was nice to catch up and let the kids play together. We all went out to the playground, but it didn’t last long before we got rained on.



Four little mommies with their baby brothers

Saturday we all went to the mall together, since it was going to be a wet day again, to go ice skating which is inside the mall. My friend Anya and their oldest daughter are good at skating and have been wanting to do it for some time. Violet has only done it one other time, when we visited them over a year ago, and it didn’t go so well. You can watch here. And here is a little video if you would like to see how we did this time.


We are very thankful for the friends we have made here, they will be missed when we move in the near future to the far east.

Long time no see


The other night we had a nice reunion with Micah’s old language helper and his family.  Andrei was such a big help to Micah the last time we were here in Moscow learning the Russian language.  It was nice for me as well to talk with Julia, she met with me a few times for language learning.  Violet and Keira had a fun time playing with their sons Pasha and Daniel.  This is the first time we met Daniel, before we left for the states it never worked out for us to see the whole family together.  He was getting a little cranky and ready for bed when we took this picture.

It has been nice catching up with friends we haven’t seen in months and hearing what they have been doing.  In some ways it feels like we never even left Russia for a break in the states.

We are missing our friends in the states now too.  Thanks to those of you who are thinking of us and for those who send notes of encouragement through email.  We really do appreciate it!  Please keep ’em comin’!  Love you guys!