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Long time no see


The other night we had a nice reunion with Micah’s old language helper and his family.  Andrei was such a big help to Micah the last time we were here in Moscow learning the Russian language.  It was nice for me as well to talk with Julia, she met with me a few times for language learning.  Violet and Keira had a fun time playing with their sons Pasha and Daniel.  This is the first time we met Daniel, before we left for the states it never worked out for us to see the whole family together.  He was getting a little cranky and ready for bed when we took this picture.

It has been nice catching up with friends we haven’t seen in months and hearing what they have been doing.  In some ways it feels like we never even left Russia for a break in the states.

We are missing our friends in the states now too.  Thanks to those of you who are thinking of us and for those who send notes of encouragement through email.  We really do appreciate it!  Please keep ’em comin’!  Love you guys!


Together again

We had a fun night last night with our friends from our Sunday fellowship.  Violet and Keira got to play with their friends, Andrei and Angelina.  He is learning some English in his preschool class, but he wasn’t really wanting to try it out on Violet.  He just insisted he didn’t know any English at all! He didn’t quite understand why Violet didn’t know Russian.  And Violet, was about the same way with him.  Oh well, at this age they can get away with having a good time just playing.

This slide provided lots of entertainment

This slide provided lots of entertainment














We can’t wait to get together again!


Another birthday boy

Last week we went to a birthday party for Violet’s friend Andrei, who also turned 3 years old. He loved opening up his presents, just as much as Violet did! The kids had fun playing together, his mommy made a lot of really good food, and we watched some home videos of Andrei from when he was a little baby until present day. Keira was still sick then so Micah stayed home with her, so Violet and I could go enjoy the party.

On a side note, I took Keira back to the doctor again yesterday to see if she was all better, and the doctor said her ear infection was gone! PTL! In the mornings she has a little bit of congestion still, but she is basically back to normal. Now we need to wait one more week to take her back to get her shots.


And another Happy Birthday to our niece Jenna! Who is also turning 3 today! Violet and Jenna are exactly one month apart. We really enjoyed watching them interact together before we came here, it will be exciting when they can play together again.