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Packing up

Well, it has begun. We’ve started going through all of our belongings. Everything is either getting packed to stay here and be saved until we return, getting packed to come back to the states with us, thrown out or given away.

The girls are enjoying playing with these new “toys” we have all over the place now.  It keeps them entertained for a bit, which helps when we need to get some things done.

A couple from our fellowship is allowing us to keep most of our things with them, which helps us out a lot.  There aren’t really storage areas here and most people have very small apartments, so there aren’t many options for us.

Moving is helping us get rid of some unnecessary things that seem to find there way into the hidden crooks of crannies of our apartment.   The week before we leave, we will move our storage items to the other couples apartment.  After that we will be doing a deep clean of our apartment.


Please be thinking of us and for our time in Germany at conference before we head back to the states, that it would be a time of encouragement and that it would be profitable in better equipping us for the future.