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Our Final Destination

Hi Friends,

We arrived here in Siberia yesterday morning after a solid 24 hours of traveling.  We left Kiev at 4:45 Tuesday morning, spent most of the day in the airport in Moscow, then took a 6.5 hour flight to the edge of Siberia. Our bodies are worn down and our minds are spinning with too much new information, but we are so thankful to be here! Pictures to come…

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Headed Back!


Hi Friends,

We have bought plane tickets!  The departure date is March 7, please think about us as we wait to receive our visas and begin organizing our things to head back.

Thanks for checking out our blog!


…we went to see Micah’s dad and step-mom who are now in Virginia.  So instead of needing to fly out to California to visit them we can drive down.  We had a nice time visiting with them and getting to see the area where they live.

The next few were taken by Violet: