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Little Leah and a song


Our baby girl is four months old! After we returned from Pennsylvania during Christmas break, Leah decided it was time to roll over from her back to her tummy. She loves to use her strong little legs to stand up while someone is holding her. All our babies have been very happy, but Leah seems to be the happiest of them all! She smiles and giggles at her sisters and brother when they talk to her and say her name.  Leah is sleeping all night long from 8 pm to 8 am. She is even content to lay for a minute in the morning before I feed her while I make myself a cup of coffee.  She is drooling all the time and usually has a finger or two or three in her mouth. We couldn’t be happier to have this sweet bundle of joy in our lives.

IMG_0015 (2)

Here is a little video of her giggling at mommy before bedtime…

Also the girls sang with Micah at church…

Six months old


I say this all the time, but time flies with little babies. It just goes way too fast. Our baby is six months old!


This last picture makes me laugh, with that face that he’s making. It’s really not how he acts at all, but he was starting not to feel very good that day and I happen to capture it. But he was mostly happy as you can see.

The next picture he looks like a cute little old man.


This last month, he really has gotten good at rolling every which way. He rolls over on his belly, then over on his back again, over and over. I really need to be careful now where to put him, so he does’t fall. Which actually did happen once already. Violet is a big help when I need her to lay Keith down on his play mat for me. Well, one time I asked her to lay him down, and I don’t think I told her the floor. She brought him in the living room and laid him on the couch and then went somewhere. Not long after that I heard Keith crying really loud. I came in the room and he was laying on the floor. He had rolled off the couch. Poor kid, but after some soothing, he was fine. We just make sure he doesn’t get put down on the couch by himself anymore.


This is how he likes to sleep these days. On his belly and usually at the end of his bed. One time his head was crammed into the corner, but he was fine after I moved him around.


Just this month he got his two bottom teeth!


And I just starting feeding him solids. His first taste was pumpkin (from a baby food jar, I wish I could buy it fresh), and he did not like it. He’s also had some rice cereal and that’s about it so far. He seems like he wants to eat, but does not like what I give him. Don’t let the first picture fool you with his cute smile. He’s just showing off for the camera.





Our three little cuties!


We’re so happy to have this little guy in our family. He makes us all happy with his cute smiles and happy attitude.

And I can’t get enough of his chubby little cheeks.


Five months old


Our cute little man is five months old! He is starting to find more of a voice, when it’s getting close to his nap time and he’s getting tired, he will start squealing. Other than that he is still very happy. He is constantly sucking on his fingers, which is making them very dry. I’m just waiting for his two bottom teeth to pop out soon.

We had a surprise visit from the children’s doctor, who we visited about a month ago. She just showed up and was here to check out Keith. Not exactly sure why she came and if she will keep doing it, this is something I need to find more information about, but I didn’t mind at all!



Four months


Keith is such a good baby boy. He is really happy and content, almost all the time. He is drooling a lot lately. If I don’t put a bib on him, he gets his shirts really wet. He has been getting his legs stuck in the slats of his crib, usually when he is waking up. But it doesn’t seem to bother him too much. He is started to be very vocal, especially when he is tired. The girls love him so much, they love kissing him before he goes down for every nap and between his naps as well. Violet can really get him to laugh and smile, it’s really cute.








Three months


Our youngest baby just turned 3 months old!  Keith is a very happy baby, he smiles all the time. During our time here in Kiev, he has had a consistent schedule. He wakes up and goes to bed about the same times as the girls, around 8 or 9 am and about 9 pm at night. He will sleep for about 8 hours or so then wakes up to eat just once around 5 in the morning. I am breastfeeding him six times a day and he takes four naps during the day.  When we are home Keith does a good job at falling asleep on his own, but when we are out I carry him in the Baby Bjorn carrier and he does a good job in that too staying happy and falling when it’s his nap time. He has recently started drooling, so I’m thinking teeth might be on their way soon.  He has been doing a fairly good job at keeping his head steady by himself, but that’s something we are working on.




We love this little guy to pieces!


Captain Adorable


Here is our two months old little boy.  He is starting to chunk up a little, but he still has skinny little legs.

He is a good baby, only crying when he wakes up out of hunger.  After eating he is usually really smiley and content.  I put him down in his crib when it’s time to nap and he might cry for a little bit, but he is slowly getting better at falling asleep on his own.  I think it’s taking longer for him because we are often going outside with him in the stroller or the baby carrier.  So I’m not being as consistent as I was with the girls.

The girls love on him all the time, they cannot get enough of his sweetness.  Neither can we.






IMG_0125 (2)


Precious Sleep




*Thanks to Katrina’s mom for the home made afghan blanket.  She’s made one for each of the kids.  Thanks so much mom!

Two weeks

Our baby boy is already two weeks old!



IMG_0078Sleep is good!


Finding the most comfortable position.


Long nights

Remember this picture?


Seems like he likes putting his hand up by face when he sleeps…


The first couple nights he was home, he was sleeping a lot at night.  I thought, alright this is good, I can get used to this.  But of course things have changed a bit and he doesn’t want to settle down very good now during the night.  So right now the nights are very long and tiring.  But otherwise he is a very good baby.  He is eating really good, and he is just about waking up by himself every 3 hours to eat.  He likes his binky, but usually spits it out when he has soothed himself to sleep.


Our son

Keith William has been in this world almost one week already!  Time goes fast when the majority of it has been spent in the hospital.  Since he was born via Cesarean they want you to stay in the hospital for 6 days afterwards here in Moscow.  I was able to go home on the 5th day, thankfully, I was really itching to see my other babies.


He made his way into this world via Cesarean because the doctor thought it was best for a couple of reasons.  First of all, I was past my due date, which wasn’t even exact to begin with, since he was a surprise pregnancy I hadn’t been keeping track of my periods.  So his due date was just based on the first ultrasound I had gotten.  Second, he was staying put.  I was only 2 cm and had been that way for a week, there was no progression at all, so induction was out of the picture with that.  Lastly, my doctor told me at my last appointment that I was leaking fluid.  So a planned birthday it was.  Yes, another vaginal birth is what we were hoping for, but he is here safe and sound.  We are thankful for this healthy baby we have been gifted with.


We decided on Keith a long time ago.  We have always liked the name and Micah has always been a fan of Keith Green.  If you’re not sure who he was, check him out here or here.  His middle name, William, is after Katrina’s dad.  He is someone we both look up to and are proud to call dad.


Number three

IMG_0043Baby #3 at 31 weeks

I have been feeling pretty good with this pregnancy, even though I do seem more tired this time around.  I have been to the doctor here once already and go in again soon.   The last time I went in I had an ultrasound, and the technician was also 100% sure we are having a boy.

Being in Russia and going to the hospital is quite a bit different, as you can imagine, from being in the States.

One example… in the States you give a urine sample when you get to the doctors office before your appointment.  Easy.

Here in Russia, after my last appointment they gave me a urine cup, to take home.  And so they would have time to analyze the info, I need to take in the filled cup a few days before the appointment.   So that’s what I did today.

I walked about 10 minutes to the needed bus stop, got on public transportation for about 30 minutes, then walked another 5 minutes to the hospital. Thankfully there is a girl at the hospital, who speaks English, who helps me pay, and find the right places I need to go.  The filled urine cups sits on top of a piece of paper with some info in it, in a cabinet, at the end of the hallway.  Yes, my name is on the cup, and it is firmly siting on top of MY piece of paper, but it baffles my mind how those cups don’t get mixed up.


Violet is super excited and cannot wait to have a baby brother.  She loves babies and

I think she will be a good little helper to have around.  She needed to hold her belly too.

Welcome little one

Yesterday we went down to visit my brother and sister-in-law and meet their newest little girl.  She is their 5th child and they named her Afton Grace.  Violet had a fun time holding the baby and playing with all her cousins.  We were very happy to meet our little niece and enjoy the day with family.



…the girls are back to normal, almost.  Besides them both having a little bit of a runny nose they are their funny happy little selves.  Especially Keira.  She’s a new baby, just so happy.  I’m so thankful to everyone who was thinking of them this past week.

Two new things in a week



Baby Announcement

Micah and I would like to let every know…

that our friends Ruvim and Anya will soon be having a baby girl.   Not us.  Our friends.  Just wanted to make that clear. 🙂

Last weekend the girls from our fellowship wanted to have a baby shower at our place for Anya.  Baby showers are uncommon for Russians, they usually wait until after the baby is born to give gifts.   But they are picking up more and more things from America all the time.

We had a great time, enjoying some food together and playing a few baby games.

Creating diapers from toilet paper

Feeding each other applesauce while blindfolded

Ruvim diapering a baby blindfolded

Anya’s turn

Anya is due to have her baby anytime. We are so happy and excited for them!

Six months old…already?!

Our sweet little Keira Joy will be 6 months old on the 20th. These past few months have really flown by, it’s crazy how fast it seems when you look back, especially with little ones.

Keira is a great eater and sleeper. I’m so thankful I’m able to still be breastfeeding her. This time around I’ve been more conscious of drinking a lot more water, which I think was one of the problems I had with Violet. Soon I will be starting her on solids. No teeth yet either.

She is a very happy baby! She loves being talked to and she really loves her sister, who really likes playing with her and keeps her entertained. Keira is always rolling everywhere. For nap time, I tuck her in like a little burrito so she doesn’t roll on her belly, which she doesn’t like for sleeping yet. She does well with strangers holding her. I thought for a bit she didn’t like strangers, when we were at the doctors office she would cry if someone there held her, but I think it might have been she was really tired those times.

She is always reaching out for things and when she gets it, she brings it right to her mouth. She likes grabbing at people’s faces and hair. It’s all just so interesting to her right now. And she thinks it’s funny when we clap.

We’re so thankful to have this happy little girl who bring such joy into our lives everyday!