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Four months


Keith is such a good baby boy. He is really happy and content, almost all the time. He is drooling a lot lately. If I don’t put a bib on him, he gets his shirts really wet. He has been getting his legs stuck in the slats of his crib, usually when he is waking up. But it doesn’t seem to bother him too much. He is started to be very vocal, especially when he is tired. The girls love him so much, they love kissing him before he goes down for every nap and between his naps as well. Violet can really get him to laugh and smile, it’s really cute.








Three months


Our youngest baby just turned 3 months old!  Keith is a very happy baby, he smiles all the time. During our time here in Kiev, he has had a consistent schedule. He wakes up and goes to bed about the same times as the girls, around 8 or 9 am and about 9 pm at night. He will sleep for about 8 hours or so then wakes up to eat just once around 5 in the morning. I am breastfeeding him six times a day and he takes four naps during the day.  When we are home Keith does a good job at falling asleep on his own, but when we are out I carry him in the Baby Bjorn carrier and he does a good job in that too staying happy and falling when it’s his nap time. He has recently started drooling, so I’m thinking teeth might be on their way soon.  He has been doing a fairly good job at keeping his head steady by himself, but that’s something we are working on.




We love this little guy to pieces!


Captain Adorable


Here is our two months old little boy.  He is starting to chunk up a little, but he still has skinny little legs.

He is a good baby, only crying when he wakes up out of hunger.  After eating he is usually really smiley and content.  I put him down in his crib when it’s time to nap and he might cry for a little bit, but he is slowly getting better at falling asleep on his own.  I think it’s taking longer for him because we are often going outside with him in the stroller or the baby carrier.  So I’m not being as consistent as I was with the girls.

The girls love on him all the time, they cannot get enough of his sweetness.  Neither can we.






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