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Eight months since our little bouncing baby boy came into the world. Those two little girls love him to pieces. I often find them arguing about whose boy he is. They are two little mommies and are already looking out for their brother.





Keith is just now beginning to crawl, he will pull himself forward with his arms then try to get his legs to catch up. He isn’t coordinated, but he is finally getting there. He still does roll everywhere too.

He is also getting two top teeth. One in the middle and the one beside it. They seem to be taking their good old time too.

Keith is such a happy little guy!

Seven months old


Another month has flown by already, and this little guy has not stopped growing.  He is a rolling machine.  If I leave the room for a minute while he is on the floor I never know where he will be when I come back.  I’ve really been trying to keep my eye on him these days. I’m expecting to see him crawling any day though. When he is on his belly, he will occasionally get up on his hands and knees and start rocking back and forth.



On a rolling escapade


I caught him on his knees!


He loves playing with his daddy’s hair


He is almost sitting by himself now. He can sit really steady for a good bit, but then it seems like he just gives up and lets go and falls backwards or face first.


What a happy little boy we have been given and we love so much!

Any day now…

…we are still waiting for baby boy to come.  His due date is June 9th,  but Keira was 10 days early, so I was kinda hoping the same thing would happen this time.  The last ultrasound I had they said he was about 7.9 lbs, which is what Keira weighed when she was born.  So really any day would be good, before he gets too big.

Me and my babies

Me and my babies

A better view of baby boy and his size

A better view of baby boy and his size


I’ll leave you with a song…