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Another birthday boy

Last week we went to a birthday party for Violet’s friend Andrei, who also turned 3 years old. He loved opening up his presents, just as much as Violet did! The kids had fun playing together, his mommy made a lot of really good food, and we watched some home videos of Andrei from when he was a little baby until present day. Keira was still sick then so Micah stayed home with her, so Violet and I could go enjoy the party.

On a side note, I took Keira back to the doctor again yesterday to see if she was all better, and the doctor said her ear infection was gone! PTL! In the mornings she has a little bit of congestion still, but she is basically back to normal. Now we need to wait one more week to take her back to get her shots.


And another Happy Birthday to our niece Jenna! Who is also turning 3 today! Violet and Jenna are exactly one month apart. We really enjoyed watching them interact together before we came here, it will be exciting when they can play together again.

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