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Our Final Destination

Hi Friends,

We arrived here in Siberia yesterday morning after a solid 24 hours of traveling.  We left Kiev at 4:45 Tuesday morning, spent most of the day in the airport in Moscow, then took a 6.5 hour flight to the edge of Siberia. Our bodies are worn down and our minds are spinning with too much new information, but we are so thankful to be here! Pictures to come…

Thanks for checking out our blog!


Yesterday we left Pennsylvania and two plane rides later we arrived in California.  We flew in safely last night at LAX around 8:30 pm, California time, so it was about 11:30 our time.  We had great flights coming out.  On our second flight, Violet found a six year old friend, Grace.  Pretty much after take off they were inseparable   They sat together and played or colored, or they ran back the aisle to Rachel to play on her ipad.  BTW, Rachel, my sister came out here with us for 2 weeks.  So it was nice having her on the same flights with us.  And Keira, she did ok.  She only slept an hour on the second flight which was about 5 hours long.  Oh well.  Grace’s brother was enjoying playing with her.   Just glad we are here.

We will be staying out here with Micah’s mom and brother for a month.  We can’t wait to see lots of friends while we are here.  We haven’t been out here in about three years!  Violet was almost a year old then, almost Keira’s age now.

Only one picture so far.  This was taken last night on the way home from the airport.  We were so hungry so we made a stop at In-n-out.  And thanks to Josh for picking us up at the airport!!