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The last couple weeks have been a time of transition for us. We’ve traveled thousands of miles over land and sea, changed continents, endured three flights with three tired children, ending up in western Florida. We will spend the next month looking to the Lord as we move into another ministry. We’d appreciate your prayers as we look ahead to what’s next.


Saying goodbye



We were in Moscow for a few days to say goodbye to friends there. (Moscow State University pictured above)





Thanks Deana for letting us stay with you!



We are relaxing in a quiet beautiful little community


With lots of critters


And wildlife


The girls picking fruit from the tree in the backyard

So very tired

We wanted to let everyone know we made it here safe and sound, just exhausted.  We left our place in PA around noon, then it was a 3-4 hour drive to the airport.  We made it to the airport in plenty of time and took off around 7 pm.  The girls did great on the plane.  Keira had a few moments of crying, but nothing that lasted long.  Around 11 pm the girls fell asleep.  Thankfully we had great seats on the plane, where there was place to put a baby bassinet, which ended up coming in really handy.  And there was plenty of room underneath for Violet to spread out and sleep.

IMG_0112 (2)

IMG_0113 (2)

I love taking their picture when they are sleeping.  Anyway, the girls slept for about four hours.  Keira was a little cramped so she moved around, but basically stayed asleep the whole time.  Micah and I did not sleep at all.  I might have closed my eyes for a bit, but it wasn’t sleep.  We arrived here in Moscow about 4 am our time.  We got all our baggage, went through passport control and customs very quickly and found our friend waiting for us.  The ride home went by quickly because it was a holiday here in Russia, Women’s Day, and I think I dozed a bit as well as the girls.  It was about 7 am PA time (4pm Moscow time) by the time we made it to our apartment.  While the girls and I settled in a bit, Micah ventured outside.  The girls were in bed around 7 pm here and we went to bed very shortly after.  They only woke up 2 times, and thankfully not for very long.

We are still so tired today, we are hoping to have another good night’s rest so we can adjust as quickly as possible.  It seems like we need to keep moving or we just want to sleep.

Thank you for your thoughts.  Please keep them coming as we adjust back to life here.

That’s all for now, I just want to close my eyes for a second…


Yesterday we left Pennsylvania and two plane rides later we arrived in California.  We flew in safely last night at LAX around 8:30 pm, California time, so it was about 11:30 our time.  We had great flights coming out.  On our second flight, Violet found a six year old friend, Grace.  Pretty much after take off they were inseparable   They sat together and played or colored, or they ran back the aisle to Rachel to play on her ipad.  BTW, Rachel, my sister came out here with us for 2 weeks.  So it was nice having her on the same flights with us.  And Keira, she did ok.  She only slept an hour on the second flight which was about 5 hours long.  Oh well.  Grace’s brother was enjoying playing with her.   Just glad we are here.

We will be staying out here with Micah’s mom and brother for a month.  We can’t wait to see lots of friends while we are here.  We haven’t been out here in about three years!  Violet was almost a year old then, almost Keira’s age now.

Only one picture so far.  This was taken last night on the way home from the airport.  We were so hungry so we made a stop at In-n-out.  And thanks to Josh for picking us up at the airport!!