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Violet likes to clean…

Happy Father’s Day!

I would like to wish my sweet husband a great Father’s Day. Micah is such a kind daddy to our little girl and a loving husband to me. When Violet was brand new, Micah knew very little about babies. But he did such a great job and got the hang of it pretty quickly. This parenting thing is still new in some ways to both of us, but he is doing a wonderful job. Love you Hun!

Also, a Happy Father’s Day to both of our Dad’s. We love you!

Family fun before we leave!

Hi Friends,

We leave for R-land on Wednesday!! But today Katrina’s 2 brothers + family came up from Lancaster to spend some time with us before we leave. We had a great roast dinner from Sharon and after that we spent most of the day outside. Here are some pictures of the day, enjoy and thanks for checking out our blog. The next post might come from Moscow!

Our friends Jordan & Megan enjoying a tandem ride!

Bill & Sharon enjoying a tandem ride!

How many can we fit?

Katrina, Sharon & Rachel

Bill is going to really miss Katrina


Last week Micah’s dad and family drove all the way out here to PA from CA just to visit us before we left to go overseas. It was so nice to have them here and show them where we have been living and things we like to do in the area. We also took a few short trips while there were here that included visiting Wilbur’s Chocolate in Lititz, PA.

Tom, Mischelle and Emily

While we were down in the Lancaster area we went to dinner at Shady Maple Smorgasboard. It was soo good, as always. Too bad our stomachs can’t be way bigger just every once in a while, then shrink back down. Oh well! Here is Violet in the gift shop with a little Amish girl bonnet on.

happy looking an Amish girl

Of course we didn’t just eat, even though we did do a lot of that we worked off all the food by playing with our Nintendo Wii.

Not sure who won this game

And we also had some quality bonding time.

Story time

Violet with Grandpa Tom

very sunny out, but Emily loved holding Violet

I'm working on the timer shots 🙂

Well folks, just to let everyone know we have 9 DAYS LEFT until we get on a plane to go overseas! That seems so crazy, but we are so ready and very excited about this upcoming adventure. Please be thinking of us as we deal with getting rid of, storing and packing all of our things. We will try as best as we can to keep you all updated!

Rushtown Party

Hi Friends!

Last Saturday, Katrina’s parents threw us a going-away party. Over the last year Katrina’s dad raised a cow and a pig for the purpose of eating! We had steaks, burgers, ribs & barbecue pork = delicious! The weather was gorgeous and we had over 150 people come to hang out with us and say goodbye before we head overseas on May 26.

A big thanks to Bill & Sharon for putting this all together – we will post pictures later!

Send Off

So this weekend we had a great visit from our friends Dave & Carolyn. They came all the way from Missouri to support us during our special time Sunday night. What an awesome privilege to have great friends like these – thanks so much, we love you!

first things first, walking around with Violet

lots of laughing

one great cake!

with Dave and Carolyn

with Katrina's family

Russia bound!

Hi Friends!

We are excited to inform you that we have bought plane tickets! We are headed to Moscow to begin our journey on May 26. Folks ask us all the time, “Are you nervous?” Our response is that we are a little nervous, it would be almost impossible to move to another country without being nervous but our strength and confidence comes from the one who has been preparing us for this journey for the last five years. We know that He will never cease to provide for us!

In light of this, we covet your thoughts as we complete our visa process and begin packing.

A support update:

Currently, we are 73% supported. Of course our desire is to get as close to 100% as possible before we leave. We would appreciate your thoughts for that as well and if you would like to be involved in this way please let us know!

We are so thankful for you & thank you for thinking of us as we head out on the next phase of our journey!

Online pic from Moscow


Last week and half Micah’s mom was out here in PA visiting us. We are always on the go whether it’s shopping, eating out or checking out antique stores, she keeps us busy! Violet had a great time with her and was really happy the weather was so warm so she could walk outside around the house everywhere. Here are some pictures of our time together:

An afternoon at the park


Just small enough

One proud Grammy and one tuckered out granddaughter

Tea Time with the girls

Easter sunday - all dressed up

looking at the daffodils

smelling the daffodils

Yes, I let her have some chocolate... mostly because of the picture.

Hope you enjoyed them! And we always put lots more pictures on facebook, its just easier. Bye for now!

Outside Fun

I just wanted to show everyone how fortunate we have been in the house we have been living in for the past year. Here is a picture of the yard and its size, there is so much room! We have loved living out in the country!

Come and enjoy our yard with us!

happy to be outside!

Checking out the flowers about to come up

Where are you, flowers?

More princess car driving

Thanks for checking us out!

Enjoying the Beautiful Weather!

did you notice the static in her hair?

Micah teaching her basketball early

Daddy's girl

This last picture is from our drive from Danville to Lancaster. We noticed all these cars had stopped along side the road and we were wondering what was going on! Then we looked over into the field and this is what we saw.

Snow Geese! Thousands of them!

It was so cool, and they were really loud!

In Lancaster for the Week….

Hey Friends!

We are staying with Katrina’s family in Lancaster, PA for this whole week because we are involved in a week long conference. Micah is speaking six times during the week and Katrina’s job is to look beautiful and take care of Violet while Micah speaks. =)

Sunday and Monday have gone very well – we are thankful for this opportunity! Hopefully we will have some pics to post later. Thanks for checking our blog.

Let it snow!

Lately, we have been getting a nice amount of snow here in PA. I love it during or right after it snows… it is so white and beautiful! Being out in the country is so nice, because it stays white so much longer instead of turning gray and black from all the traffic. Here are some pics for those of you who don’t get to see it very often.

so pretty!

little birdies chowing down on their seeds

we love snow!

A grand ole time

My brother and his wife and kids were up this past weekend, so before they left we took some pictures of my parents with all of their grandkids. Not the greatest idea at 8 pm. Oh well… some of them are really cute, enjoy!

happy Jenna

not so happy Tylan


one of the best ones

this one makes me laugh every time!

Trip to Wisconsin

Hi Friends!

Last weekend we had the privilege of visiting our good friends Dave, Katie & Layla in Wisconsin. We had a great time catching up with them. They took us into Milwaukee a couple times for dinner and we watched the super bowl with them on Sunday. Here are some pictures of our time.

Dave's awesome omelete's!

Us with Dave, Katie and Layla

She's a good walker, holding on to something

Layla and Violet

the girls with the girls

the boys with their girls

on the ride home


riding in the car is exhausting!

We stopped overnight at Micah’s aunt and uncle’s house in Northeast Ohio. His aunt Bonnie had a great meal ready for us when we got there and we got to hang out with Micah’s cousin Wes and his daughters. We’re sad we didn’t get to see you Kristy and Noah! And Micah’s cousin, Danielle and husband Jim we got to see briefly, but their kids were sick, so they were nice not to bring the germs in the house, but we’re sad we didn’t get to visit with them more!! Here are a couple pics.

Micah's cousin Wes with daughter's Natalie and Lilliana

Violet playing with Danielle's daughter Savannah

We made it home just in time before the huge snow storm. Thank goodness we left the day we did or who knows when we might have gotten home. The snow is so pretty out here in PA, I’m hoping to put some pics of it on here soon! Stay tuned!

Violet’s 1st Birthday Party

Homemade cake, can you tell? haha!

Opening gifts

She has a sad face because I didn't let her touch the cake yet

Getting ready to blow out the candles

She had a little help

Her first bite...


she likes it!!

I'll see how much I can grab!

My fingers taste really good today!

One happy girl... and no she didn't eat that whole slice.

With our little princess

Happy days are here again!

We are happy to have our baby back. She woke up Monday morning with her fever gone, but she had and still does have diarrhea. So she isn’t completely back to her normal self, but she’s about 75% better. Thank you so much for thinking of us!

We plan on trying to have Violet’s birthday party again this Saturday, since we didn’t have it this past weekend. So hopefully we’ll be able to get some pictures on here for you!

Eating… Older… Bread

Last week, my brother had off a couple of days from work, so Micah decided to head down to Lancaster and hang out with him.

Bro's eating out

Our baby is getting older! This saturday, Jan. 23 Violet will be turning one year old!!

cutie pie

From this distance she is still our little baby

Now she looks like such a big girl, trying to reach the door knob!

lots of toys!

Every once in a while, I get the inclination to make bread! I used to be afraid of the whole process… making sure the water is the right temperature so you don’t kill the yeast, kneading the bread, letting it rise, punching it down, letting it rise again… but the end result is sooooo good I couldn’t let it hold me back any longer. So every couple weeks I’ve been making homemade bread, its actually fun and delicious!

Kneading = if I did this every day, my arms would be so toned!

Stay tuned for pictures from Violet’s 1st Birthday Party!!

Does anyone want some chocolate?

During the Christmas break I had the chance to play in my high school’s basketball alumni game. It was really fun and we had a better turnout that I thought. There were about 5 real alumni girls and 5 other girls connected with the school that played too. It was a small christian school so it doesn’t have to just be people who graduated. It gives the high school players a good workout during the Christmas break. We were neck and neck the whole game and then in the end, one of their forward’s took a 3-pointer… and made it! Unbelievable!

warming up... it had been a while since I played basketball

free throw - I made them both, oh yeah!

We took a day trip down to Hershey with Micah’s mom and brother, and then met up with my brother later on.

Getting in a snooze before we get there

Hershey's Chocolate World

singing cows on our tour... milk is a main ingredient!

kisses hats

Soo much chocolate... this is only the Reese's section!

group pic

keeping Violet warm or showing his weight loss... not sure

the real Hershey factory

On New Years Eve, Micah took his mom and brother down to Shady Maple (a huge buffet with awesome food) in Lancaster to see the Couriers, one of her favorite singing groups.

The Couriers

Here is one last picture of Darlene playing with Violet before they left to go back home.

playing with Grammy

Thanks for checking out our blog!

Tea and a Tree

Micah’s mom loves going out to tea and since my sister-in-law was here at my parents house and she had never gone to a tea, well we just had to take her out to one! The last time Darlene (Micah’s mom) was here in PA we went to a great tea place in Reading, but that was a little too far to go this time. We went to and found a place, Sarah’s Tea Cup in Selinsgrove. How convenient! It was a cute little place right in the center of town. Here we are at our table. Darlene, Sheri (my sister-in-law), Rachel (my sister), me and my mom, Sharon.

Tea time

Here we are in front of their Christmas tree.

say tea!

On Christmas Eve, Micah and I decided it might be fun for us to take his mom and brother to walk around downtown Danville a little bit. It was so nice to hear Christmas music playing as we got out of the car. We had a bite to eat at the sub shop and then walked around to a few stores. But before too long, they started closing! We thought we would get to a few more places than we did, but the timing worked out with Violet’s schedule anyway.

out for a stroll

Violet loves when Caleb plays with her in the car

Here are some pictures from Christmas Eve.

Proud Grammy!

Family pic after church

Here are Christmas day pictures.

Santa ready to open gifts!

praticing walking

Opening up presents

She got some great new toys!

New magnets to play with!!

Nothing better than a kiss from Santa!

Thanks for checking out our blog. We hope you all had a Merry Christmas!

Christmas time!!!

Violet with a jingle bell in front of our tree

Micah and Violet playing the piano together

Our baby is better than any Christmas present

What a happy girl!

Here are some pics from the day my sister, Rachel and I made Christmas cookies together.

so many cookies!

Rachel made 12 dozen cookes for a cookie exchange at work

new chocolate candy cane cookie started out looking like... you know whats.

finished product - and very tasty too!

Something else new this year - caramel corn!

Also, Micah is at the airport right now picking up his mom and brother. They will be here for 2 weeks! Pray for our sanity, haha, JUST KIDDING!!!!!! We are very thankful they can be here with us during Christmas.

Pictures from Thanksgiving…

We didn’t really put that many pictures on from Thanksgiving, so you’ll have to go back in time with me a little bit. Only a month ago, so not its not that bad!

Lots of Renno's (Katrina's dad's side of the family)

OOH! A Banana!

Aunt Rachel giving her some water


This last picture, Violet, Jenna and Colton were all born within about 3 months of each other. Violet the end of Jaunary, Jenna the end of February and Colton the beginning of April. It was getting late in the evening so us moms had to hold the little kiddos or it was a cry fest. The cup was entertaining Violet for a little bit.

And here is one more cute pic of Violet, getting into things all the time now!

This is how we bathe Violet - in the dishwasher! haha!

Thanksgiving Suprise!

Hi Friends!

We have been back in PA for over a week now, we had a great thanksgiving with Katrina’s family on Thursday. But we had a surprise sitting on our front porch yesterday morning. 6 bags of groceries! The fellowship of believers next door to our house knew that we had just come back from our trip, so they wanted to bless us with some supplies! Check out the picture of all of it on our kitchen table – awesome!!

Thanks for checking out our blog =)

a plethora of goods

The Road Ends…Back home in Pennsylvania

Hi Friends!

Well, after 8,000 miles, 11 stops in 7 states, 6 speaking engagements & 2 months on the road we made in back safely to PA last night. It was a great feeling to sleep in our own bed and wake up in our house this morning!

It was an amazing trip, we feel so blessed and encouraged – it couldn’t have gone any better. We raised about 10% more of our support as well which is a huge encouragement. We need to raise at least 10% more before we leave in May so please think about that for us.

Thanks to all of you who welcomed us in your homes, fed us and encouraged us as we drove across the country.

And a big thanks to all of you who checked our blog faithfully and followed us around the country, it was exciting to see how many people checked our blog each day. Please keep checking back, we will be updating this blog for the next couple months as we prepare to leave for N. Asia and we will continue to update it while we are there.

We leave you with some final pictures of our stay in Ohio!

Thanks for traveling with us!

We had dinner with Katrina's relatives in Ohio

Nancy & Elaine with Violet

Katrina, her cousins & babies. What else do you need?

Violet happy to be headed home!

From the Road…Ben & Bethany/Creation Museum Pics

Hi Friends!

We will be home tomorrow!! We are at our last stop tonight here in Logan, Ohio with Katrina’s Aunt Elaine. It’s been an awesome trip but we will be thankful to be home tomorrow night. Here are some pictures from our time in Indiana – enjoy!

Thanks for traveling with us.

Our friends Ben, Bethany, Mercedes & Ava

Micah in the Ark construction room

Jurassic Park set?

In the musem lobby

Russian dinasour stamps collected by Ken Ham