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One Week Old

Today our little Keira is a week old! We are all adjusting really well. The first night home, I was up pretty much the whole night with her, but the last two nights have gone way better. I’ve been trying to keep her on a 3 hour feeding schedule, but sometimes that’s really hard to do when your baby just will not wake up! She loves to sleep! At night I’ve been letting her sleep a little more and have been going about 5 hours between feedings. And during the day I try to keep her awake, when she’s supposed to be awake so she doesn’t get confused about day and night. That’s what it seemed happened the first night. Not fun.

Violet loves having her around too. I’m so glad she has been taking everything really well. She gives Keira hugs and kisses all the time, and when her and Micah come in from outside she always ask, “Where’s baby?”. I can’t wait to see them playing together when they are bigger.

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