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Siberian Trip Pt. 5

Hi Friends!

Keira hasn’t changed much in the last week so I thought I would post about my Siberian survey trip again. =)
I had the privilege of spending the night in a village that my co-workers have worked in, here are some pictures from that trip.

The last 15 minutes of the drive was on a dirt road that was shared with sheep.

Village of Shambalik

School where my friends taught English

Where I spent the night, Sayid's house.


Sayid makes saddles and is also a musician

The local tea - salty and milky.

We went to the well to fill up their water canister

The first well was dry

The second well worked

Sayid playing the Igil

Can you guess what kind of meat we had for dinner??

Sayid's kids playing - the boy is pretending to be a horse

Walking out to the plane to head back to Moscow

Well, thats about it. It was a great trip! Soon I will put some videos up as well, thanks for checking out our blog.

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