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The beautiful cold


We’ve been having some really beautiful sunrises this last week. Along with very cold weather. As you can see, it was about -31 C (-24 F). One day it was almost -40 C. There’s nothing quite like the sensation of that kind of cold.  But soon it will be getting even colder. It is after all only the beginning of November.


Cold Cheeks


At one of our favorite playgrounds


Keith napping and keeping warm (Love using this great wool scarf made by a friend, thanks Megan R.)


I’ve been carrying Keith out to the playground in the Baby Bjorn when I take the girls out.  It’s easier to help the girls while having him in the carrier. But lately it has been getting to my back and shoulders.  At his last doctors appointment, he weighed in at 8.3 kilos (18 pounds)!




Broken glass is on the ground everywhere,  Thankfully right now, we have snow covering it up.


Pipes, pipes everywhere



-21 C (-5 F)

The temperature is dropping lower and lower.

We are just about all set on our winter coats and boots.  With temperatures getting this low lately we really need to layer our clothes and bundle up well, especially with taking the kids outside.  The girls really do enjoy being outside as much as they can, even in the cold.