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Busy, busy

Keira loves crawling, everywhere.  We are really enjoying the apartment we are living in right now, with carpet everywhere.  It’s great for her crawling sessions.   She also just got her first tooth!  It was one of the bottom ones.  And I think her top teeth are just about to make an appearance too.  But she seems about as happy as ever.  And a really happy baby she is.  Keira loves being tickled, cuddled and being chased.  I can’t believe she is 10 months!  Time is going by too fast!!

We went for the first time to the Lewisburg Farmers Market.  It was really hot that day, but we had a fun time walking around.

Enjoying a hot dog, Violet and the lady in the background!

The following day,  all of us ladies went out for tea in Lancaster.  We decided to try a new place called Sugarplums & Tea.  It was in this really pretty building and the room was basically a sun room.  We met my sister in law, and my friend and her girls there as well.  It was nice to have a ladies day out, without little children wanting constant attention.  So thank you Micah and Nelson for watching the kiddos!

Rachel, Sheri, Mom, Me, Rachel, Julie, Bekah and Darlene

Girl fun

The other night Elisabeth & I had some fun together. We went to a new store that opened up nearby, it is kinda of like a very mini Wal-mart. They have clothes and shoes for the whole family, kitchen and bathroom supplies and other little knick knacky things. And the stuff there was actually decently priced for this area, Moscow is really expensive pretty much everywhere, so it was fun to find this store. It may not be the best of quality, but it works, for a while at least.

Since we were close to our apartment, she came over and we had some tea and cookies, watched a chick flick, and chatted for a bit. It was a fun night! Elisabeth is a sweet friend and I’m glad she is here with us.

Elisabeth and Katrina