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We had a great Christmas with both sides of our family.  Micah’s mom and brother were able to be here for Christmas this year and we also spent the time with Katrina’s family as well.  We are cherishing this time together with all our family as much as possible, because before we know it, we will be headed to the ends of the earth.

Me and my girls

Me and my girls

Christmas meal with family

Christmas meal with family

Having fun with cousins

Having fun with cousins

Enjoying the newest addition

Enjoying the newest addition

Even Keira wanted to hold baby Afton

Even Keira wanted to hold baby Afton

Welcome little one

Yesterday we went down to visit my brother and sister-in-law and meet their newest little girl.  She is their 5th child and they named her Afton Grace.  Violet had a fun time holding the baby and playing with all her cousins.  We were very happy to meet our little niece and enjoy the day with family.


Before the sickness…

…the girls had lots of fun with their cousins.

Let’s celebrate!

This past weekend, my cousin and her family came up for a visit. It was their sons birthday, so we had some cake and celebrated, then later on in the day went over to Knoebels. There was a ton of people there, but in the kiddie section the lines weren’t too bad.

The happy birthday boy!

Violet, Ethan and Landon

After some yummy cake, naps and a thunderstorm we headed to Knoebels.

They were laughing hysterically on this one

On the train

I tried to get us all in the pic

Mike, Ethan, Landon and Malinda

These two were like two peas in a pod!

We loved having them stay with us for the weekend.  It was great being able to catch up and have a good time together.  Kids and all.  We did get away in the evening just us four adults.  Thanks to Micah’s mom for staying with the kids after we put them to bed.  By the way, Micah’s mom, Darlene, went home Monday.  It was nice having her here with us, the girls really loved having Grammy here to play with them as well.

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Sharing about Russia at a kids day camp

Micah explaining a banya

Teaching them “This is the Day” song in Russian

Enjoying the nearby park

Our big girl

Hi there!

Violet and Grammy

Driving Grammy in the bus

A giraffe?

This is how I found her

Sunday pictures

The farm

We also went to a milk farm, which is where they raise cows to milk them later on when they are grown.  The kids really enjoyed walking around seeing all the cows and calves.  We even arrived just in time to see a calf being born.  And no, we didn’t milk any cows, but we did get to see them do that.  They clean off the udders and hook them right up to the machines.   I think they give tours pretty often, so if you’re interested, email us and we’ll give you the info.


For those of you who don’t live in Pennsylvania, Knoebels is America’s largest free admission park.  It’s great, when you live only 5 minutes away, to go down there and if you don’t want to ride the rides you can just sit and watch people, and maybe eat some ice cream too.  They have a nice little kiddie section that the kids really enjoyed.


Last weekend, my brother and sister-in-law came up to my parents house, and all the cousins had a great time playing and swimming together. I have so many pictures, I need to spread all the pictures out in a few blogs. Also, last week Micah’s mom was here with us, she went on a little trip herself to visit her sister this week and will be back for a couple weeks with us.