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5 years old

Our oldest baby girl, Violet, turned 5 years old on the 23rd of January. She has grown so much in just one short year. She is a good helper, and will usually do it without complaining. She loves her brother and sister, and often pretends to be their mommy. She loves watching princess movies like Rapunzel, Snow White and the The Little Mermaid. Her she is during more of the tense moments during The Little Mermaid.

I should have gotten a picture at the end of the movie, she was very happy they were able to get married and live happily ever after. She is also getting a good imagination, it’s funny to hear the things she comes up with sometimes. She likes making up names for herself and she will pretend to be that person and come and visit me in my house.




We just had a small get together in the evening of her birthday, but she always has lots of fun whenever we have anyone over.


Keith is ready to party!


With our little princess



Her buddy Jasmine


I saw a party popper at the store when I was getting supplies, and it was a good purchase. They definitely make it feel like party! There was so much confetti that flew out of that thing!






Violet requested chocolate cake with chocolate icing. The girl has good taste.




Would you like to bake this cake too? Head over to Katrina’s Kitchen to find the recipe.

Violet’s birthday

Our big girl turned 3 years old yesterday!! Every day she is talking so much more in big long sentences and paragraphs and sometimes just surprises me with how much she knows! She is such a joy and a blessing to our whole family and we love her so much!

We decided to have a small birthday party for her on Sunday night, with two Russian couples. We had lots of food and then she had a fun time opening presents from them and playing with her friend Andrei. And of course we sang to her and had some chocolate cake!

Keira and Angelina playing together

She was so excited about chocolate cake

Yesterday the 23rd was her actual birthday, so last night we had some presents from family that she opened up. Thank you family for giving her a special day! She loves opening presents, so she really enjoyed it.