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Birthday time

On thursday the 20th, our baby turned one year old!  Keira woke up on her birthday not feeling so well with another cold she had caught a couple days before. Thankfully no parties were planned, just a get together with family for some cake.  But after getting dressed the birthday girl started to feel better.

This is how the birthday girl woke up

There’s our happy girl

Violet wanted her hair done like Keira’s hair

Always wanting to stand

…and climb

Silly Violet

It was turning out to be a nice day outside, so I took the girls outside for some pictures.

No hands touching the pumpkin!

Yay! I’m one today!

On friday the 21st, was my (Katrina) birthday.   I turned 28 years old!  Where has the time gone?  Micah planned some things for the day one of which included us going out to eat.  Afterwards we were going to go nearby to see a good friend of mine who we went to the Bible school with and was also in our wedding.  Turns out, Micah called Martha and had her and her husband come to the restaurant to meet us.  It was a great surprise, and it was so good to catch up and to meet her hubby.

Martha and Brian

Saturday, we had some cake for both of us birthday girls at my parent’s house.  There were way too many candles on my cake though!

Getting ready to blow out the candle(s)

Violet helping me blow out my candles

Wow, this is for me?

the birthday girls

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