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A bad idea

So this is when you know your daughter is feeling better:

During nap time, she slept on our bed (which is where she has been sleeping with me so I can take care of her better rather than walking back and forth to her room all night) and decided to get into my scrapbooking supplies. But how can I be mad when it means she is feeling better.

Violet, besides getting ink all over the wall, has been acting a lot better the majority of today. She still woke up a few times last night and woke up in the morning with a crusty nose. Yesterday, she had a fever of 101.9 under the arm pit and was really miserable. We’re so thankful she’s on the mend.

Keira is still congested and coughing, but she smiles through it all. Having a humidifier in her room seems to be helping her during nap and night times. And she is eating fairly well, not as much as usual, but eating.

Thanks to those who have been thinking of girls. We really appreciate it and know they are being heard.

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