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Eating… Older… Bread

Last week, my brother had off a couple of days from work, so Micah decided to head down to Lancaster and hang out with him.

Bro's eating out

Our baby is getting older! This saturday, Jan. 23 Violet will be turning one year old!!

cutie pie

From this distance she is still our little baby

Now she looks like such a big girl, trying to reach the door knob!

lots of toys!

Every once in a while, I get the inclination to make bread! I used to be afraid of the whole process… making sure the water is the right temperature so you don’t kill the yeast, kneading the bread, letting it rise, punching it down, letting it rise again… but the end result is sooooo good I couldn’t let it hold me back any longer. So every couple weeks I’ve been making homemade bread, its actually fun and delicious!

Kneading = if I did this every day, my arms would be so toned!

Stay tuned for pictures from Violet’s 1st Birthday Party!!

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