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A not so happy birthday

Sad to say, Violet was sick today, so we had to postpone the party until next Saturday. It started Friday night, she woke up around 11 pm crying really hard, and that is unusual for her. So I went up to check on her to see what was wrong and she was burning up. I have never felt her that hot before, it was really frightening. So we gave her some Tylenol and checked her temperature which was at 104.3. After much consoling and crying I checked it again at around 12 am and it was up to 104.7. Now I was really scared. I called the hospital and they said to keep giving her Tylenol every 4 hours and if she isn’t consolable in the morning to bring her in. But thank goodness her fever was lower this morning and she seemed a little happier. Today she didn’t eat that much and I was trying to give her as much fluids as she would take, but she didn’t seem dehydrated. She slept a lot today and was either mellow or fussy. Fortunately I did see a smile once or twice.

Today’s sickness brought back to mind the difficulties we faced exactly a year ago when she was having problems in the hospital after her birth. It is so hard to see a child in pain, especially when it’s your own baby. It’s in these times when we look to our Father for help. I feel like I could worry a hole in my heart if I continue crying, but why endure that pain, when He can take it away for me.

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