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Does anyone want some chocolate?

During the Christmas break I had the chance to play in my high school’s basketball alumni game. It was really fun and we had a better turnout that I thought. There were about 5 real alumni girls and 5 other girls connected with the school that played too. It was a small christian school so it doesn’t have to just be people who graduated. It gives the high school players a good workout during the Christmas break. We were neck and neck the whole game and then in the end, one of their forward’s took a 3-pointer… and made it! Unbelievable!

warming up... it had been a while since I played basketball

free throw - I made them both, oh yeah!

We took a day trip down to Hershey with Micah’s mom and brother, and then met up with my brother later on.

Getting in a snooze before we get there

Hershey's Chocolate World

singing cows on our tour... milk is a main ingredient!

kisses hats

Soo much chocolate... this is only the Reese's section!

group pic

keeping Violet warm or showing his weight loss... not sure

the real Hershey factory

On New Years Eve, Micah took his mom and brother down to Shady Maple (a huge buffet with awesome food) in Lancaster to see the Couriers, one of her favorite singing groups.

The Couriers

Here is one last picture of Darlene playing with Violet before they left to go back home.

playing with Grammy

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