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I love this girl…


Violet Videos




Violet and Grammy

Giving her baby getting a diaper change

Play-Doh time

These next few were taken at a really big souvenir market on the east side of Moscow:

Getting ready to make some “easy bake oven” cookies:

Just stir...

then roll them up and bake them...

and of course you need some icing!

Now time for the tea party!

A Violet video…

Here she is playing with a new puzzle she got for Christmas. It’s fun to see her remembering where each letter goes and the words that go along with those letters each time we play with it.

Christmas Cookies!

On Saturday, yesterday, I made two different kinds of cookies while Violet was napping, and I thought I might do the same thing today. But then I decided let Violet “help”, and she did really good! Other than the fact she was making a mess everywhere, she had lots of fun helping bake with mommy. (The pics aren’t that great because I was using our web cam, sorry!)

And some videos:

Cute kiddos


The last couple days here have been so cold! This morning it was -25 C outside, which is about -10 F. It’s not so bad if we bundle up and if there isn’t any wind. There’s nothing quite like having your nose hairs freeze as soon as you walk outside. This is what I looked like today :

everything was warm except my face 🙂

Some ice crystals have started forming on our windows. It’s so cool to see them up close and look at all their little details.

Here are some videos of Violet for her fan club: