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We were able to be with Katrina’s family  and some of Micah’s family for Thankgiving this year.  Micah’s dad, step-mom and step-sister drove up to be with us for the Thanksgiving weekend, from Virginia.  It was nice being able to be with them for the holiday this year and enjoy some relaxing days together.  On Thanksgiving day, all of Katrina’s dad’s side of the family, the Renno’s, have a big meal together.  Last year there was barely enough room for everyone in my cousins house, so this year they needed a bigger place.  They ended up holding it at the church we attend in town, which has a lot more room that a normal sized house.  It wasn’t homey feeling like it’s nice to have, but it was a great place to be able for everyone to sit around the table, at one time, and the kids had lots of room to run and play, inside and out.  It was so nice to be in PA this year for Thanksgiving and be able to enjoy family time.

On a different note, we still have not gotten a camera… these pictures were taken by my Dad.  Thanks Dad!

Proud Violet holding her cousin, Afton

Preparing the table

Getting the food ready

Cousins happy to see each other

Micah’s dad Tom and his wife Mischelle enjoying a ride on the tandem bike

Dad and Brent going for a ride

Playing some bball


Getting the food table ready

Giving thanks before the meal

Time to dig in!

Enjoying the yummy food

Enjoying the grandbabies

Burning off some of dinner with a game of Knock Out

Getting around

Caleb and Violet racing around the house

Gas prices so high out here!

Cool store on the way to visit relatives

Violet wanted to hug the vampire. Sure, why not. They need hugs too, right?

Gotta get their shakes! So good! Even when its chilly out.

At my relatives house, Keira found the cat

Kaitlyn and Violet singing and Brent watching very closely while Micah plays the piano

With my cousin and her family


Curb Appeal

As soon as we got here to Micah’s mom’s house, Micah felt the need to clean up the outside of the house, trim the bushes, rake out the leaves, etc.  The exact same thing happened last time we were in CA documented here.  So Micah and his brother Caleb got right to work.  Rachel and the girls and I mostly watched and enjoyed the nice warm weather.

Caleb edging the grass

Rachel and the girls

Where’s your tongue?

Micah working hard

I even helped a little

Violet helping too


This morning Keira and Laddie were getting very well acquainted.