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Walking the Descent

There are so many old church buildings here to go and see. They are really so large and beautiful. I’ve been adding links back to Wikipedia, so if you’re interested on reading more about them, click on their names. This next one, St. Andrew’s, was on a cobblestone road called Andrew’s Descent which is on a very windy steep hill. All along the road are merchants selling paintings, souvenirs and other random items.


St. Andrew’s Church


Part of Andrew’s Descent




Coffee is really popular here and can be found everywhere, including the back of this guy’s truck


Monument to Grigory Skovoroda

A great morning!


We had our things from storage brought over to our apartment last night.  We were so very happy we were going to have real (not instant) coffee for breakfast!!  It had been a whole week that we had gone without a good cup of coffee.  HA!  So it was a nice treat for us this morning.  🙂