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We’ve been getting to know more people who live here in this village we’ve been living in. Violet said she has lots of Grandma’s and Grandpa’s now.


Lot’s of fun playgrounds and areas nearby for kids



We met up with some old family friends

les and marsha-edit

Violet was really wanting her hair cut even shorter, so Mommy and her both got their hairs cut.


A lady in the village who used to work with CEF (Child Evangelism Fellowship), held a 5 day bible club which Violet really enjoyed.


We had a great visit with some state side co-workers


The Frozen North East, part one

We just returned from visiting co-workers to get an idea of the people they are working with and they way they go about life. We also wanted to see the city for ourselves as we might be moving there in the not too distant future.

Getting to know each other - many good conversations around this table

Jasmine and Violet

Bus stop and small convenience store

Some buses were smaller and older

Near the center of town

One of the many outside ice skating areas

Jasmine and Violet had tons of fun going down this icy hill

Micah really enjoyed their piano and the girls had fun dancing along


One of the streets closer to the downtown

Older wooden apartment buildings

Apartments built on concrete piles because of the continuous permafrost

Some guys cleaning snow off the top of the building

Time for a picnic!

This week the weather has been quite warm, but nothing unbearable like last summer. We also have some co-workers from further east who are traveling through the big city right now and so this week was a great time for us be able to hang out together. Here are some pictures from our fun time together.

On our way home, a storm had starting to come in and it was getting really windy. As we were walking by this new building that is still in the process of being built, pieces of wood and different loose objects were falling from the top. And a ton of dirt was just blowing all over the place. We made it to our bus stop with only a few tears from Violet, probably because she saw how worried I was walking by that building. Thankfully, we made it home safely.