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Before Violet

Thursday, January 22

Katrina’s due date was Monday and it came and went with no life-changing events! Our Dr.  wants to induce Katrina on thursday so we will  be going to the hospital @ 7:30 to get things rolling.  Our life is about to change.  19 hours left to ourselves, from now on we will be 3 instead of 2.

Exciting Times!

Wednesday Doctor Visit

We had an 8:30 appt this morning.  I like getting up earlier, but I also like sleeping in.  I’m starting to feel like the day is wasted if I don’t get up by 9:00 but it’s hard sometimes!

Anyway,  Katrina is now 3 centimeters!  This coming monday is her due date so I guess our little girl could come at any time.  The Doc asked us if we wanted to induce  – we said no because we want the birth to be as natural as possible.  So we will see what happens – if she doesn’t go into labor by monday then we will schedule her to be induced next week, until then we are waiting………

6 Days…..

We have 6 days until our little girl is born!  Katrina is very uncomfortable these days and is ready to get this baby out! My friend Nate used to say “Let’s make like a baby and head on out” when we were about to go somewhere.  It’s a funny saying but in 6 days it will become not just a saying, it will be reality.

I have been asking friends of mine for advice on being a new father and I have heard many different things.  The most recent advice comes from my friend Matt who says I will have to practice patience in a whole new way.  I can only imagine that right now but I know its true when I watch Matt with his daughter Autumn or Nelson with Tylan & Luke.  

The webster’s definition for patience: : bearing pains or trials calmly or without complaint2: manifesting forbearance under provocation or strain3:not hasty or impetuous4: steadfast despite opposition, difficulty, or adversity5 a: able or willing to bear 

I hope I can live up to this definition, one minute at a time I guess.