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Our son

Keith William has been in this world almost one week already!  Time goes fast when the majority of it has been spent in the hospital.  Since he was born via Cesarean they want you to stay in the hospital for 6 days afterwards here in Moscow.  I was able to go home on the 5th day, thankfully, I was really itching to see my other babies.


He made his way into this world via Cesarean because the doctor thought it was best for a couple of reasons.  First of all, I was past my due date, which wasn’t even exact to begin with, since he was a surprise pregnancy I hadn’t been keeping track of my periods.  So his due date was just based on the first ultrasound I had gotten.  Second, he was staying put.  I was only 2 cm and had been that way for a week, there was no progression at all, so induction was out of the picture with that.  Lastly, my doctor told me at my last appointment that I was leaking fluid.  So a planned birthday it was.  Yes, another vaginal birth is what we were hoping for, but he is here safe and sound.  We are thankful for this healthy baby we have been gifted with.


We decided on Keith a long time ago.  We have always liked the name and Micah has always been a fan of Keith Green.  If you’re not sure who he was, check him out here or here.  His middle name, William, is after Katrina’s dad.  He is someone we both look up to and are proud to call dad.


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