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Last Saturday we went to our friend’s daughter’s one year birthday party.  It was really nice and warm and sunny that afternoon.  The area where they had the party was at a pond with this trail all the way around and scattered around the pound were these little pavilions.  There was even a playground on one side.  It was a nice setting, but wasn’t completely relaxing with the kids walking back and forth right beside the pond, that only had maybe a foot high wooden posts around it.  Micah did a great job being the grill master for the party.  They had lots of different meat that we kept eating as they were coming off the grill.  Steak, hot dogs, sausages, chicken, trout and some vegetables too.  And they also served fresh tomatoes and cucumbers, very traditional.



The birthday girl

The birthday girl


Ruvim, Anya and Nastya

Ruvim, Anya and Nastya

On the way home, there is this huge apple in the entrance to the park area.  Little Miss Moody was showing some attitude in the next picture for not getting her way for wanting to sit on the apple for the picture.


Violet and Aunt Trycia

Aunt Trycia helped remedy the situation

Aunt Trycia helped remedy the attitude

A fancy looking Kindergarten nearby the park

A fairy tale looking Kindergarten nearby the park

In front of the kindergarten

In front of the kindergarten

Afterwards we dropped off Aunt Trycia at her hotel, and it started to rain lightly.   We rode the metro then we made a pit stop at the nearby little grocery store to our house on the walk home to get the essentials.  It was nice to come in from the rain for a bit before walking the rest of the way.  We were about 4th or 5th in line since there was only one register open and the girls started fussing over something.  The other lady working in the store asked what was wrong, and I just said it was nothing.  But she saw I was pregnant and told us to come over to another register where she would check us out.  Other people in the long line decided to follow us, but the lady says to them, What, are you pregnant too?  We were amused at her blunt rudeness for the other people, but thankful for letting us check out and go.  And it was just kind of accepted by the other people as they muttered some stuff under their breath and went back to the line they were standing in.

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