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Many guests

Last week, Micah’s aunt and cousin were here in Russia to see the sights and visit with us while we are here in Moscow.  Here is a link to her blog.  They were in St. Petersburg very briefly, as in two days, then took the train to Moscow.  Micah met up with them and got them settled into their hotel.  We were planning on having them stay with us, even though our apartment is quite small, it’s just more convenient and cheaper, but we had other unexpected guests…lice.

I’m not totally sure where they came from, but it. was. not. fun.  Violet, Keira and I had them.  A hormonal pregnant woman + lice (3 weeks before due date). Not a good combination. And add to that mix, the fact that our hot water would be shut off for the next 10 days for yearly maintenance.  I knew it was coming, but it seems like everything was happening all at once!  Yes, there were tears!!  Thankfully, they don’t last too long.

Back to family… Micah took them all around, trying to see as much as possible in the short time they were here.  One evening, I met up with them on Old Arbat Street and we ate at a Georgian restaurant.  It was very yummy!



Micah's Aunt Trycia and cousin Ryan

Micah’s Aunt Trycia and cousin Ryan


Back at their hotel, the girls had fun playing with Aunt Trycia's jewelry

Back at their hotel, the girls had fun playing with Aunt Trycia’s jewelry

They were so thoughtful in bringing us some requested coffee and vitamins.  They also brought some really cute outfits for the girls and  for little baby brother too.  Also, Aunt Trycia’s other son’s girlfriend handmade the girls lots and lots of hair bows.  I think there is one for every occasion and holiday.  We are set!  I’m sure you’ll see them in future pictures.  A big thank you to her for those!

Cool view of the really tall buildings of Moscow on our walk home that evening

Cool view of the Moscow International Business Center on our walk home that evening

Ryan left to do some more traveling and head back to California on Saturday, while Aunt Trycia came with us to a birthday party of our friend’s daughter.  On Monday, she left on a tour of the Golden Ring, a few historic cities outside Moscow.  More pictures to come.

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