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This past week we needed to go to New York City to make an appearance at the Russian embassy in order to get our visas.  After the 3 hour drive we had time to get a quick lunch at this cute little restaurant which was right across from the embassy before our meeting.  We were somewhat nervous, not knowing what to expect, but the whole ordeal lasted less than half an hour.  After we left the place, we felt so good about it, we wanted to skip down the sidewalk.  Now we had the rest of the afternoon in front of us.  So much to do in so little time.  I had made dinner reservations ahead of time since Micah’s birthday is coming up.  What better place is there?  We decided to get on a bus and head down to the Freedom Tower and the 9/11 Memorials.

The Guggenheim Museum

The Guggenheim Museum


We ended up taking a bus down to the tower, which took longer than we thought, but we found it without any problem and with the help of a really nice bus driver.  We were just going to see the new tower being built and decided the last second to see the memorials.  We thought we would go see them real quick and then head to dinner.  Well, give yourself some time if you decide to do it yourself.  The ticket was free, but then we had to walk five blocks around to the entrance.  Then it seems as if you will be going to a concert with all the lines and mazes we went through.  Finally we got to this small building and we thought we were there.  Nope, it was a small security terminal.  Ok, maybe we are almost there.  Well, after a couple more minutes of walking down a maze or two, and then having our free ticket scanned about 5 times, we made it.


Freedom Tower

Freedom Tower

Area around the memorials

Area around the memorials

Really quite amazing memorials, in person

Really quite amazing memorials, in person




It really was very nice, once we got into the memorial area.  They are huge and breathtaking.




That took way longer than we had hoped, so we took a taxi back up town toward our restaurant and we made it with plenty of time.



Enjoying a nice dinner with my birthday boy


We had a great day and dinner together.  Here are a few pictures of the city at night on our way out.




Just pretend this picture of the Empire State Building isn’t blurry


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