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Baby Announcement

Micah and I would like to let every know…

that our friends Ruvim and Anya will soon be having a baby girl.   Not us.  Our friends.  Just wanted to make that clear. 🙂

Last weekend the girls from our fellowship wanted to have a baby shower at our place for Anya.  Baby showers are uncommon for Russians, they usually wait until after the baby is born to give gifts.   But they are picking up more and more things from America all the time.

We had a great time, enjoying some food together and playing a few baby games.

Creating diapers from toilet paper

Feeding each other applesauce while blindfolded

Ruvim diapering a baby blindfolded

Anya’s turn

Anya is due to have her baby anytime. We are so happy and excited for them!

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