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Big Sister, Little Sister

Today, most of everyone here is Moscow will start back at work after about 10 days of vacation, but we have one last free day of vacation before starting up classes again, so today is just a day of relaxing for us.

By the way, Micah’s mom made it safely home. She left Saturday at around 1 pm our time and got home in California 2 pm her time. Flying in that direction she only lost an hour of her day, even though the flight was about 13 hours. Pretty crazy how that all works. We’re glad she was able to spend time with the girls and be here with us for the holidays.

Keira is getting to be quite a big girl. She will be 4 months old on the 20th, but I have already started putting her in 6 month old clothes. The ever changing growth of babies in their first year is just amazing, and goes so fast! And for those of you who remember how Violet’s hair stood straight up, well Keira’s hair does the same thing. Are most babies with hair like this? Here is an old picture of Violet to remind you:

Violet at 3 months old

Keira is starting to hold up her head pretty good

Micah and his girls

Big Sis and Little Sister

taken by Violet, our little photographer

Me and my girls

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