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Troklet, please?

So lately, as in for about a week now, Keira has been sleeping through the night which is about 8-9 hours. It still doesn’t feel quite like all night yet because she goes to bed around 8ish and wakes up anywhere from 4-6 am. So waking up that early is still taking its toll on me, but I do definitely feel way better than a month ago. And she is a really good sleeper like Violet was too. I have been trying to start waking Keira up at the same time everyday to get her schedule to stay the same everyday, but that’s really hard to do when it doesn’t get light outside until around 9:30 am. Since she has been sleeping so good and basically on a schedule, I’ve started classes again too, going 3 days a week.

Keira is really such a happy baby. Her middle name, Joy, is very fitting for her right now and I hope it stays that way. 🙂 At 11 weeks, she is always smiling and is starting to laugh. She follows us with her eyes around the room. She is finally starting to wake up happy from naps. When Violet and I go in the room to get her, she always smiles at us. She used to spit up after every feeding, but that has been getting less and less. She really likes bath time, which I try to do every other night.

Violet, who will be turning 3 in January!, has been great with Keira. She loves her a lot, always wanting to hug and kiss her. She hasn’t really shown much jealousy, she just wants more love and attention from us, like we are giving the baby. She loves playing hide and seek and she is always singing a song. She usually listens really well when told not to do something, when she does decide to disobey, she has started doing extra loud fake crying. She loves playing in her room with us and anyone that comes to visit us. Her potty training has been going great. I would say she is trained completely while at home, but at night and when we go out we put a diaper on her. She usually refers to herself as “you”, like she’ll say “Help you”, or “play with you”, because we always say things like, “Do you want mommy to help you?”, so we have been trying to get her to say I and me when she is talking.

Violet talks up a storm these days, some of the cute things Violet has been saying lately…

After Micah came home from class one day, he asked her what she had been doing, with which she replied, “Playing with mommy and sister, going pee, obeying.

She doesn’t quite know all her colors yet, but she likes to say purper and lellow. If you ask her what color something is she will mostly likely say blue first. Not sure why.

She often says, “Oh my goodness gracious!”

She loves chocolate which to her is “troklet“.

*Some days it’s hard to believe we are a family of four! We do love it and are so thankful for our beautiful and healthy girls. Thank you for checking in on us!

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