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Victory Park

On Monday evening, we went with Micah’s mom to Victory Park (Парк Победы – Park Pobedy), which was also a first time for Micah and I as well.

“The memorial complex was inaugurated May 9 1995, to the 50th anniversary of the Great Victory (the holiday of victory of the USSR over Nazi Germany in World War II 1,941). In the warmer months is a place of mass festivals.”

“Shrine of St. George on Poklonnaya Hill in honor of the Victory in Great Patriotic War, was laid next to the memorial on Poklonnaya Hill May 9, 1994.”

The Victory Monument
“The obelisk of very solid steel weighing 1,000 tons and a height of 141.8 meters (10 inches for each day of the war), covered with bronze reliefs. At an altitude of 122 meters to the stele mounted 25-ton bronze statue of the goddess of victory Nike. At the foot of the obelisk, the granite podium, a statue of St. George , which struck the snake with a spear – a symbol of the victory of good over evil. Opened May 9, 1995 in the Victory Memorial.”

*Quotes taken from

**Please be thinking of Micah, he caught some kind of bug the beginning of this week and hasn’t been feeling too great.

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