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Baby News

Everything is going really good so far with baby #2, who they think is a girl and should be coming around October 1st. The pregnancy has been easy, just like it was with Violet. I’m starting to get more tired when we walk longer distances, but I’ve really enjoyed all the walking we do here on a daily basis.

Today at 28 weeks

Here is a picture they took at the hospital last week. It is the first 3d ultrasound that I’ve gotten to see. It isn’t the greatest picture, but it’s so amazing to see this kind of technology. At the time they were doing the ultrasound, we saw her sucking on her fingers. How cool is that?

at 27 weeks

So far we have not been able to come up with a name for her, it seems so much harder this time around. We are ready with a boy’s name, but need one for another girl. We are open to suggestions, so please email us, if you have any ideas. 🙂

And a few pictures of our other sweetie!

She often sneaks into our room at bedtime

Drawing and tracing with Grammy

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