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New things

Hey friends! We’ll try to keep posting pictures as we take them. Hopefully we’ll be doing some sightseeing this week before we start our language lessons.

One of two entrances down to the metro at our stop

Little shops on the walk underground to the metro

Violet chasing the pigeons

nearby park

In this next picture, Violet wanted to play with the little boy but I don’t think he wanted anything to do with her. She even gave him a hug! But he didn’t really respond. I think his grandma thought it was kind of funny too. But we couldn’t understand what she was saying to her grandson.

Violet trying to make friends already

She was loving the swings

Soon, a friend is coming over to help me work the washer. It’s kind of difficult knowing which buttons to push considering they are in German. We are so thankful for a washer, and it will be even better when I learn how to operate it!

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