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Metro & IKEA!

Hi Friends,

Today we had a chance to visit the Swedish store IKEA. This is the most popular place to buy furniture & other household items. There were a couple items that we needed to get for our apartment so we had a fun time walking through the store. It’s huge! After that we headed over to the food court in the mall to get some dinner. Burger King just came to Moscow and our friend Julie has not had a Whopper for 3+ years so she was excited to eat there. I also posted some more pics of the Metro that we ride almost everyday. Enjoy!

Thanks for checking out our blog! =)

This is our metro stop - Konkovo

Moscow has a really nice metro

At a local restaurant last night I tried Azerbaijani lemonade - delicious! (it doesn't taste anything like lemonade though)


At IKEA we spent 13,038 Rubles. Can anyone guess how many dollars?

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