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We are here!!

Hello from Moscow!

It’s hard to believe we are actually here! We left from Philadelphia on Wednesday and after a 13 hour trip, arrived in Moscow at 4:20pm on Thursday. Thanks to those of you who were thinking about us during the plane ride, Violet didn’t do as well as we would have hoped but we survived! At the time of this writing it is Saturday evening about 8:30, we are still recovering from jet lag but overall feeling pretty good. We have had a chance to organize our apartment as well as take a shopping trip to get some needed supplies. Over the next 2 weeks we will spend most of our time adjusting to life here which pretty much means that we will be using the phrase Я не говорю по-русски (I don’t speak Russian) over and over again! =)

Here are some pictures of our apartment & the surrounding area. Enjoy! Thanks for checking out our blog, there will be much more to come from Moscow!

Looking up at our apartment building

Entrance to our building

Playground across the street

View from our bedroom window

View from our living room window

Our apartment building from a couple streets over

Sharma - popular food from street vendors

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