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Pictures from Thanksgiving…

We didn’t really put that many pictures on from Thanksgiving, so you’ll have to go back in time with me a little bit. Only a month ago, so not its not that bad!

Lots of Renno's (Katrina's dad's side of the family)

OOH! A Banana!

Aunt Rachel giving her some water


This last picture, Violet, Jenna and Colton were all born within about 3 months of each other. Violet the end of Jaunary, Jenna the end of February and Colton the beginning of April. It was getting late in the evening so us moms had to hold the little kiddos or it was a cry fest. The cup was entertaining Violet for a little bit.

And here is one more cute pic of Violet, getting into things all the time now!

This is how we bathe Violet - in the dishwasher! haha!

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