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I am sorry it has been since Thanksgiving since we posted on here! I know this is a bad excuse, but having dial-up is not fun to post pictures; it takes forever!

Here is Violet mastering her sippy cup! And yes I know her clothes do not match.

quenching her thirst (she barely sips that much water)

She has been doing great since we have been home, but in some ways our long road trip was so fun for her too because she was seeing lots of different people and doing lots of different things everyday it kept her so entertained! When we first got home she was very clingy, but she has gotten a lot better since then. She crawls everywhere downstairs and walks (while holding on to different objects) here and there. If we are holding her she loves pointing out for you where she wants to go, especially light switches.

This past weekend Katrina’s cousin, her husband and their son stayed with us briefly Saturday into Sunday. We had such a fun time with them; we live almost 3 hours apart so we don’t get together often enough! They used to live in a town nearby us and we got together with them all the time. Their son Ethan is about 5 months older than Violet and they are so cute playing together. Violet would crawl after Ethan everywhere he went and when she would catch up to him, she would take whatever toy he had away from him. But it was cute watching them interact together.

It isn’t working to upload pictures anymore, so I will add some later at my parents house. Thanks for reading!

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